Opt For Baseboard Molding Miami Made From Hardwood Material

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Selecting an appropriate baseboard trim depends on numerous factors like your house’s design elements, overall style, and choice of material. Opting for the correct trim profile is of essential importance. Tall, sculpted Baseboard Molding in Miami offers an impressive visual statement. Length of these elements can range from five to seven inches. Top edges of these decorative borders can often entail stepped or scalloped details. The width can range from five to eight inches that taper inside the walls. However, such designed elements can be an expensive choice as the pricing depends upon materials, shape, size and height of these trimmed edges.

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Compatible With Diverse Styles

Simple trimming options are those with an exterior flat portion. Such Baseboard Molding in Miami are available in different heights, ranging from three to four and half inches. The back portion of these trims comprises of grooved edges that allow flexibility. Such elements comprise of easy, installation features, and the thickness of these elements depends on your application. Utilizing these simple trimmings with an additional layer of decorative quarter-round or decorative molding provides an elaborate look. A beneficial aspect is that these designed edges are versatile and are compatible with rooms of different styles. Adding an extra trimmed layer on these moldings will go with diverse architectural styles.

Coordinating Trim Shades

Staining or painting a trim primarily depends on personal preferences. Many individuals opt for Baseboard Molding in Miami that matches with their house’s crown moldings and wall colors. Coordinating these designed elements with flooring, door and window casings and other trimmings are prevalent options. Baseboards of different colors, when compared to other shades of trimmings, can mar the appearance of houses. When considering painting a trim, it would be better to opt for other shades instead of white. It is because white shades can get dirty easily and can be a hassle to clean. Opting for easy-to-clean and high-gloss paints will be beneficial.

Matching The Stains

Another factor worth considering is the choice of material of these trimmings. A prevalent Baseboard Molding in Miami material is Medium Density Fiber Board. These materials are engineered wood products that combine wood fibers through pressure treatment. Such products are popular alternatives, as they are cheap and can be repainted easily. An expensive yet aesthetically appealing choice is oak trimming. Varnishing and staining this wood is an easy prospect when compared to other hardwood like maple and birch. It is better to opt for hardwood materials that are resilient to warping. Matching the baseboard trimming stains with your house’s flooring will be an ideal option.

Talk with the interior designer about the color of the baseboard molding or discuss your requirements with the company offering this service. From deciding on the height and width to the materials, everything has to go with the theme of the room. Click here to read more.


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