Does The Height of Ceilings Matter For Crown Molding In Miami?

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One of the architectural features that can add beauty and value to the interior of your home is Crown Molding in Miami. The visual effect would upscale your house and give it that distinct appeal. If you wonder that your room ceilings are too low and wondering whether or not molding would work as effectively as it should, then you should stop wondering. Start considering the scale of your room and the style of the furnishings that you have so that you can call a professional to do the molding work. The only considerations that should be kept in mind are the proportionality of the molding according to the height of the ceiling.

Matching The Style 

Matching the style of the Crown Molding in Miami is imperative with the height of the room so that everything looks proportionate. Even if you have a room which is eight to nine foot in height, you can proportion your molding with maybe a five-inch wide board and keep the profile of the molding as simple as possible. This would help in blending of the molding perfectly with the transitional style of the art along with the furnishings. For that matter, you may be pleased to know that molding can work perfectly and create a beautiful framework around any metallic painted ceiling with a crystal chandelier.

Match With The Look  

While Crown Molding in Miami, you should also keep in mind the style and the architecture of your home so that it matches with the mold, its color, and style. While it is very commonly found in the traditional homes that deeply stained moldings made of wood are found to make a perfect impact, it may look unsuitable for any contemporary and modern home design. In such cases, you should go for a flat profile and very sleek crown moldings to match that modern look of the house with the molding to get the same warmth of the stained crown moldings of wood.

New Line of Moldings

If you though that you can have only plain and simple Crown Molding in Miami for your contemporary and modern home, then you are wrong once again. There are several new lines of crown moldings which can give you similar beauty and matching look for your home and to match the interior decor and furnishings. Along with the door and window trims, such new crown moldings are best to give that fresh look to modern homes. The profile height can be easily matched with the room height, wide enough and also has different patterns to fit perfectly with style and blend with space without even overpowering it.

Matching With Baseboards

Remember, it is not essential to match your crown molding with the baseboards, but care should be taken so that it has the similar weight visually so that it does not look very ugly and inappropriate. A large crown molding with a thin baseboard and vice versa would kill all the beauty. In case you have a mismatch, then it is better to replace the bases with deeper ones to match it perfectly with your home architecture and furnishings. Visit Here: Architectural Moulding & Millworks


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